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Best free time tracking apps

10 free time tracking apps you can start using in less than 5 minutes

It’s great if a time tracking app has many advanced features, but what if you just want to track your time effectively…

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Ieva Sipola 14.10.2020
Coffee productivity infographic

Coffee and productivity – a complicated affair [Infographic]

Every person has a special relationship with coffee. Some of us can’t start the day without their daily cup while for others…

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Ieva Sipola 1.10.2020
How to improve your time management:

How to improve your time management using time tracking software: 6 approaches that WORK

From identifying your principal distractions to conducting productivity experiments – this article explains how you can use your time tracking software to…

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Ieva Sipola 15.09.2020
How to be a productivity ninja

How to Work like a Productivity Ninja: 8 Lessons from Graham Allcott

Graham Allcott is a productivity coach and consultant, and author of the book How to be a Productivity Ninja. He shares his lessons on how to structure your workday, set clear productivity goals, and find tools that foster productivity.

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Ieva Sipola 24.08.2020
job burnout

How to prevent and fight job burnout

Most of us have experienced days of stress, demotivation, and exhaustion at work. But how to know if these feelings are a…

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Ieva Sipola 5.06.2019
DeskTime app team

DeskTime year 2018 in review

2018 passed fast, but what a year it has been! We know just as well as you that productive time means time…

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Ieva Sipola 27.12.2018

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8 Reasons Why Your Remote Team Needs to Work Out Loud

8 Reasons why your remote team needs to work out loud

Hiring remote workers is a way to take advantage of the best that the job market has to offer. Instead of being…

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Ieva Sipola 6.06.2018

The ultimate list of apps & resources for freelancers

From the outside, freelancing might seem like the perfect work and lifestyle. Lucky freelancers can choose their favorite projects and clients, manage…

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Ieva Sipola 23.01.2018

DeskTime’s Top 10 blog posts of 2017

What a productive year 2017 has been! We hope that you too managed to accomplish a lot and reach your most important…

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Ieva Sipola 26.12.2017

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