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An image depicting a man disconnecting a large power extension cord

7 tools to help you manage your email addiction

In today’s information-heavy world, email has become an essential part of our professional routines. However, if you find yourself constantly checking your…

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Rudolfs Millins 11.07.2023
employee empowerment banner

What is employee empowerment, and why is it important for your company?

Top-down management is falling out of fashion and employee empowerment is on the rise.  Over the last several decades, the work environment…

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Viesturs Abelis 7.07.2023
AI in the workplace banner

How to identify appropriate tasks for AI in the workplace (+ 5 tasks to delegate to AI right now)

The recent developments in artificial intelligence (AI) have disrupted industries, scared some really smart people, and, of course, brought AI into the…

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Viesturs Abelis 30.06.2023
Candidate experience illustration

Charming your future employees – expert weighs in on best practices for positive candidate experience

Hiring a high-qualified employee can be tricky. How to ensure that you’re not hindering it through poor candidate experience? Hear it from the expert!

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Aiva Strelca 27.06.2023
An illustration of a tech stack

What you need to know before choosing a tech stack

Choosing the right tech stack is essential before starting development. Discover the key factors for making an informed decision in our comprehensive blog post.

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Rudolfs Millins 22.06.2023
An artistic illustration of the left brain vs. right brain divide

Left brain vs. right brain – differences and how to leverage both at work

You’ve probably heard about being a “left-brain” or “right-brain” person in psychology. In this blog post, we will explore the differences between the two “brains” and how they interact in shaping our thinking.

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Rudolfs Millins 13.06.2023

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chatgpt at work

ChatGPT use in the workplace grew exponentially in the first quarter of 2023 – study shows

In the first quarter of 2023, ChatGPT use in the workplace doubled every month. In April the app ranked among the top 100 most-used apps at work.

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Krista Krumina 6.06.2023
Hybrid work model illustration

Tackling productivity challenges in a hybrid work model

The hybrid work model has become the new normal for many companies. How to stay productive while facing hybrid work hurdles? Read this article!

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Guest Author 29.05.2023
Zapier logo visual

How to use Zapier: beginner tips and tricks

Zapier is a fantastic tool, enabling automated workflows for teams globally. Here’s a guide on how to use Zapier as a beginner. Check it out!

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Aiva Strelca 24.05.2023

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