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What are the benefits of reading and can it help boost your productivity?

Here are six scientifically-proven reasons why you should pick up a book to do some productive reading in your spare time.

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Guest Author 20.06.2020
desktime desktop vs mobile

DeskTime for desktops vs DeskTime for mobile phones – what’s the difference?

DeskTime has two versions: a desktop version and a mobile version. This article answers the question of how they differ in terms of features and functionalities.

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Guest Author 26.05.2020
how do you measure employee efficiency

What is employee efficiency and how do you measure it?

Find out what employee efficiency is, how to measure it, and answers to other frequently asked questions about workforce efficiency.

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Guest Author 5.05.2020
remote work

Remote work: the complete guide to everything you need to know

What comes to mind when you hear ”remote work”? People sitting at a computer in their jammies? A stay-at-home parent performing phone calls? Let’s explain remote work!

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Guest Author 3.03.2020

Introverts or extroverts – who is more productive?

Which of the personality types is more productive – introverts or extroverts? This original research by DeskTime has the answer!

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Guest Author 3.12.2019

5 reasons companies should hire remote employees

We’re laying out 5 reasons why remote work is the go-to option for every forward-thinking enterprise out there.

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Guest Author 12.11.2019

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Hygge – what is it & how can it boost productivity at work?

It’s during days like these when we fall victim to laziness. But – is there any way to make the latter part of the year more bearable? Do Danes have the answer?

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Guest Author 14.10.2019
Long Working Hours Not a Road to Productivity

Long Working Hours: Not a Road to Productivity

It’s safe to say that the question of longer working hours as leading to greater productivity is far from being solved. The…

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Guest Author 9.09.2014

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