Big Box Store Blues

I do have a part time job at that big box store that many of us know and love.  I wanted to get a job there because it has always been one of my favorite places to shop. Also, I wanted to earn some money to pay for improvements in our pasturing for the goats, and for other things we need on the farm.

They pay very well for a part-time retail job, and in comparison to other retail jobs I had way back in my youth, the company really does care about its people. They offer some really good health benefits for part-timers, which I think is quite remarkable, and they give part-timers vacation and sick leave.

There is even a fund that employees can donate to to assist other employees when they are in need, and I have seen this program in action when co-workers have had emergencies, and the rest of them are able to help out with matching funds from the company.

So, all in all, it’s a good place for an old woman like me to put in a few hours (about 27 or so) each week.

What is hard, though, is the damned floor! It’s cement.  My feet and legs ache like crazy.  Of course, one of our benefits is a discount at a local podiatrist, so perhaps I need to take advantage of that as I hobble around the farm after working 4 long days in a row!

One of the ubiquitous things about retail, though, is the idea that employees must all be cheerleaders when we have store-wide meetings.

Ugh.  I did not like that kind of ‘team spirit’ way back in high school.  Now that I’m 64, I like it even less.

Today, we had our semi-annual store meeting at 6 am. I just do not get the whole Woo Woo, Bring It In, Give me a Letter, Give Me a Letter than Rah Rah thing at all.

I’m happy the store had a good year, but if you just give me the stats and say good job, I’m happy.  All the required cheering and yelling and jumping up and down annoys me.

I guess I’m a snob.


Or just an old grandma.

One thought on “Big Box Store Blues

  1. I sold Tupperware aeons ago, and when we went to our bi-weekly sales meetings they made us sing! Don’t remember that song, but sure did hate it!

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