Snuggling with Emma the Goat

I’ve been working a lot of evening shifts lately.  This has made our Emma a little anxious, as she does not come into the house to be diapered until I am home from work.

Because of reasons beyond my control last night(really busy, I was the only service desk person, customer calling in to make large lumber order, etc.), I worked a bit late.  I got home about 30 minutes later than normal, and when I pulled into our drive, let me tell you, Miss Emma was pacing back and forth from the garage to the barn and back.

She perked up when she saw the car, and ran to me, along with Belisarius, Suellen and Sven the Cat, when I opened the door.

I had to push them all aside to get out of the car, and they all tried to get into the house with me, but I’m mean and would not let them do that.

To be honest, it was a crappy night at work, and I was very stressed.  I wanted to have a good Argghhharita and talk to John before I had to get Emma ready for bed.

About 45 minutes later, I let Emma in the house and she stomped in, looking for her nighttime snacks.  While she ate, I put her diaper and panties on.

Emma jumped on the bed before John or I got in.  She was very impatient for her snuggling time, apparently.

We all fell asleep quickly, and Emma stayed in between us for a few hours instead of moving to the end of the bed after a few minutes, as she normally does.

She was on top of the blankets, but with her head on the pillows, sleeping away between us.

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