I’m a grumpy old woman.  I’ve had all kinds of jobs in my life, from cleaning houses to being an IT enterprise system management consultant.  I have managed a convenience store, been a social worker, all kinds of things.  I think my best job title was “Knowledge Engineer”.

These days, I live on our farm with my ever-understanding husband and a bunch of dogs, cats, angora goats, fowl and two very old horses.

I am attempting to create a viable business around the farm and what it produces.  Mostly, mohair from my herd of angora goats.  I shear the goats, wash the mohair, sell the mohair, use the mohair in yarns I hand spin, use the mohair when I’m needle felting fairies and angels, and in nuno felting.

I also hand dye silk scarves that I sell.  Oh, and I paint a bit, too.

Even though I’m artsy-fartsy, I am not a liberal.  I tend towards libertarianism and conservatism.  In other words, leave me and my farm alone, and let me practice capitalism with as little regulation as possible.

And that is pretty much about me.


For the moment.

I reserve the right to add, subtract and change what I have written.

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