Kids are popping out all over the farm

Well, out of their mama’s anyway.  So far, it has been a boy year. Only 2 doelings out of eight kids so far.

The two doelings are bottle babies, and they are nearly identical black cuties.  They are half sisters, and Stewart sired both of them.  They are living in the house because of all the cold, wet weather, and because their mama’s dumped them.  Bad mamas.

I hope to get some photos and videos of the new crop of kids as the weather clears a bit.

It’s Time To Kid

We’ve had a few traumatic days here at Castle Argghhh Farm. Some new kids, a stuck kid that was stillborn and a goat who stole another goat’s kid and rejected her own.

The rejected kid, our only doeling of the year, so far, is now a bottle baby – living in the house, in diapers.

Emma is concerned.

Snuggling with Emma the Goat

I’ve been working a lot of evening shifts lately.  This has made our Emma a little anxious, as she does not come into the house to be diapered until I am home from work.

Because of reasons beyond my control last night(really busy, I was the only service desk person, customer calling in to make large lumber order, etc.), I worked a bit late.  I got home about 30 minutes later than normal, and when I pulled into our drive, let me tell you, Miss Emma was pacing back and forth from the garage to the barn and back.

She perked up when she saw the car, and ran to me, along with Belisarius, Suellen and Sven the Cat, when I opened the door.

I had to push them all aside to get out of the car, and they all tried to get into the house with me, but I’m mean and would not let them do that.

To be honest, it was a crappy night at work, and I was very stressed.  I wanted to have a good Argghhharita and talk to John before I had to get Emma ready for bed.

About 45 minutes later, I let Emma in the house and she stomped in, looking for her nighttime snacks.  While she ate, I put her diaper and panties on.

Emma jumped on the bed before John or I got in.  She was very impatient for her snuggling time, apparently.

We all fell asleep quickly, and Emma stayed in between us for a few hours instead of moving to the end of the bed after a few minutes, as she normally does.

She was on top of the blankets, but with her head on the pillows, sleeping away between us.

My Most Hated Task is Over!

I hate working on tax stuff.  Between the farm, my little fiber business, my part-time job and all the other stuff (like my husband’s income, etc.) it is a real chore. And I’m not even the one who does the taxes, I just have to pull it all together for the best accountant in history.
It takes me days.  Every bag of goat feed, every fence post, every bit of gasoline used for the tractor and off road vehicles needs to be accounted for. Then, I have to find all the tax stuff that gets sent to us for the first two months of the year.

But I’m done.  It’s all been sent off to our accountant. Hurray.

That is one big, crushing load off of my mind.

Big Box Store Blues

I do have a part time job at that big box store that many of us know and love.  I wanted to get a job there because it has always been one of my favorite places to shop. Also, I wanted to earn some money to pay for improvements in our pasturing for the goats, and for other things we need on the farm.

They pay very well for a part-time retail job, and in comparison to other retail jobs I had way back in my youth, the company really does care about its people. They offer some really good health benefits for part-timers, which I think is quite remarkable, and they give part-timers vacation and sick leave.

There is even a fund that employees can donate to to assist other employees when they are in need, and I have seen this program in action when co-workers have had emergencies, and the rest of them are able to help out with matching funds from the company.

So, all in all, it’s a good place for an old woman like me to put in a few hours (about 27 or so) each week.

What is hard, though, is the damned floor! It’s cement.  My feet and legs ache like crazy.  Of course, one of our benefits is a discount at a local podiatrist, so perhaps I need to take advantage of that as I hobble around the farm after working 4 long days in a row!

One of the ubiquitous things about retail, though, is the idea that employees must all be cheerleaders when we have store-wide meetings.

Ugh.  I did not like that kind of ‘team spirit’ way back in high school.  Now that I’m 64, I like it even less.

Today, we had our semi-annual store meeting at 6 am. I just do not get the whole Woo Woo, Bring It In, Give me a Letter, Give Me a Letter than Rah Rah thing at all.

I’m happy the store had a good year, but if you just give me the stats and say good job, I’m happy.  All the required cheering and yelling and jumping up and down annoys me.

I guess I’m a snob.


Or just an old grandma.

What is with this weather?

It is still officially winter here at Castle Argghhh! Farm, but our temperature got up to 90 degrees.
And then there is the wind from the South.  It’s like a convection oven here, and all my goats are panting.  I sheared DeeDee today, and every bit of good mohair got blown away by a huge gust of wind.

I suppose it is time for me to consider creating an indoor beauty salon for the goats, so I don’t lose all their mohair!

Working in Customer Service

Nobody loves you when you work in customer service.  Nobody.  Not the customer, not the employee the customer is complaining about, not management, nobody loves you.

Even the woman who was my boss when I started out at the Service Desk a year ago cannot even get my name right.  She calls me Mary or Bev or anything but Beth.  She has a different job at the store these days, but she still cannot remember my name.  It’s insulting. I actually told her that today when I ran into her in the break room and ignored her when she called me Mary and then Bev, and then Bev again.

For God’s Sake, we have our names on our aprons.

And then, today, the day after St. Patrick’s Day, every hung over grumpy person with any reason at all to be mad at us came to the service desk.  And I swear, some literally waited for me to finish with a customer so they could take their complaints to me.


At least none of the grumpy customers got my name wrong.

House Goats are not big on sleeping in

Most mornings, I get up around 6 am or so.  I get out of bed, and Emma jumps off and follows me.  This morning, I really wanted to sleep a little later than normal.

After awhile, I could hear Emma jumping off the bed and going into the kitchen, looking for goat treats.  It was just a short while later that she trotted into our bedroom and jumped back on the bed.  She settled down for about two minutes before she jumped out of bed again and came around to my side of the bed and butted it.

You just can’t reason with goats. If I did not get up, she would just keep jumping on and off the bed and butting it.

So I’m awake. Getting my second cup of coffee.

And Emma is outside with the dogs.

I think I’ll make another attempt at this

I’ve been working part time at HD at the service desk for a year now.  I’m also, of course, still raising colored angora goats and creating fiber stuff.

We have what appears to be a permanent house goat, Emma.  She goes outside during the day with the dogs and goats, but comes in every night to sleep.

We diaper her when she makes her grand entrance, and then she has a snack before we turn out all the lights and go to bed.

Emma jumps on our bed, and spends about 30 minutes or so snuggling in between John and I.  Then she moves over to the foot of the bed, where we have a special blanket and some towels for her to sleep on.

Sometimes, Emma finds the need to jump off the bed and go into the kitchen to check to see if the goat treat fairy has visited her bowl in the middle of the night.

I believe that most of the time, she is disappointed, and she comes back into the bedroom and stands next to my side of the bed until I touch her side and tell her it’s okay to jump up on the bed.  I have to say One, Two, Three, Jump.  Then she jumps and goes over to the foot of the bed and lays down.  Well, most of the time.  Sometimes, she goes over to John’s side of the bed and stands on him.  This is not something we want to encourage, but John, not wanting to upset any critters, just puts up with it.


I bought her a little tiara on Amazon – it was cheap, really cheap, but I can’t manage to keep it on her head long enough to step back with the camera and get a photo.

I believe I will need some assistance to do that.

Well, time to let Emma in.  I’ll attempt to do this more often.

Back again

I need to make a more concerted effort to blog.  I’ve been fighting my way out of a very deep depression, and it’s taken me a lot longer than it should have.

Anyway, once again, I find myself with way too many adorable angora goats, and I have got to sell at least 15 or 20.

It’s not that I don’t have enough land, I do.  What I don’t have enough of is energy and time for them.

I shall be taking photos of those I want to sell and posting those in the next few weeks.  Some need to go with their mama’s.  All of them need to go with at least one other goat, unless you are interested in a yearling buck.  Those are old enough to manage it you already have a small herd.

None of my goats are registered.  But they all have pedigrees and are all colored angora goats or color carriers.

This is a closed herd – meaning the goats do not leave the property where they can come into contact with diseases that are difficult or impossible to eradicate.  I do not show them, and that is the main reason they are not registered … I would have to transport them to be inspected to be registered.

Because my goats are not registered, I sell them for a lower price. If you want to go through the registration process, you can do so.

Here are two bucklings born in early February – Amadeus and Wisp.


.Amadeus and Wisp