I apologize for not posting

This has been a trying week for me.  Morgan La Fey had to have a C-Section last Sunday, lost her kid, but she is pulling through just fine.  Then John (the spousal unit) had to go to the emergency room Wednesday night because of extreme back pain.  Then last night, the light of my life and apple of my eye, Miles, our grandson, was hospitalized.  And today, I had to get up very early, take care of critters, then drive 110 miles to another town to attempt (not very successfully) to sell my scarves to a bunch of people at a conference.

Anyway, John was giving better living through chemistry drugs, Miles got out the hospital this morning, and Morgan, the goat, is recovering quite well.

So, I will make a strong attempt to be a more regular blogger. If for no other reason than to rant about ridiculous assumptions that other people make.


God save us.

Gosh, darn it!

I cannot figure out how to make a blogroll.  I don’t have the ability to do as much as I thought I would on this wordpress site, and I fear that they are going to force me to pay more money to have that ability.

I’m not even doing the free thing, durn it!

Anyway, one of the blogs you should visit is here.