Cobweb Felted Scarves

I’ve been working on making cobweb felted scarves. Here are photos of some of them. I you have any interest in purchasing one, do let me know!

Blue and Red Cobweb Felted Scarf

This one is sold, also.  Yay me!

I hand-dyed 100% Wool Roving and then cobweb felted it to create this one of a kind scarf.  It is red and blue, and a very lightweight felt.  Cobweb felting is kind of like a cobweb – there are areas with spaces between the wool.

If you are interested in purchasing this scarf, it is $75.00 with free shipping in the USA. Let me know in the comments, or you can buy it directly from my shop –

redbluecobweb2 blueredwool cobweb scarf3

Hand-dyed, Cobweb-felted Wool Scarf

With Christmas coming faster than you can imagine, I will start posting my hand-made items here.

That was fast.  It has sold. 😉

This is a very special, hand-dyed, hand-felted wool scarf.

I created a special, decorative flower of the same wool as an accent.  I cobweb-felted the wool along with some black firestar for sparkle.  It is a very long scarf – over 80 inches in length.

The width varies a bit from 7 to 8 inches.  It is a very lightweight scarf, but will keep you quite warm.

Handwash in cool water and very mild soap, then you can drape it over your shower curtain to dry.

This is a unique piece.  There will never be another one like it.

It is $125.00, shipping included.

If you are interested, please let me know in the comments, and I will send you a PayPal invoice..

80 inches long by 7 to 8 inches wide. $125.00 includes Priority Mail Shipping within the USA.

80 inches long by 7 to 8 inches wide.
$125.00 includes Priority Mail Shipping within the USA.

Close up of decoration

Fiber Stuff

I have started going through my fiber stash, which is massive, in search of inspiration for projects or for sales.

I realize that I have a pounds and pounds and pounds of nice, washed mohair.  I need to package it and sell it.  I’ll likely dye a lot of it and sell it that way.

I also have some not so great mohair.  I will wash that and use it for the core of my wool (now mohair and wool) dryer balls.

I found several sheep fleeces – breed unknown.  I started washing one tonight, and it is the kind of thing I can do a bit at a time and let it soak while I’m doing other stuff … and the good wool I’ll use for nuno felting or needle felting, and the so-so wool I’ll use as the top for the wool dryer balls.

Oh, yes, I need to spin.  I have started some really pretty tailspun yarn using wool as the core, and dyed mohair for the tails.  I just need to finish that.

And I found several alpaca fleeces – one white, one brown, one black, that need washing and then decide what to do with them.

Once I get some of my current fiber stash whittled down and processed and sold, I want to buy some nice merino wool roving from dyeing.  I have a great resource for this, a lovely woman who markets a lot of different fibers.

I also need to find out how to get an official number of some sort, so I can buy at the wholesale level.

All of this while taking care of my precious goaties, horses, dogs, cats, etc., etc,. etc.!!

The Open Air Fair in lovely Atchison, Kansas

Russell Showalter and I shared a booth at the Open Air Fair in Atchison, Kansas today. It was a great venue, the new Farmers’ Market in Atchison (which does not open until next weekend).

I have not done a lot of arts and crafts shows, but it was quite obvious that this group knows what the heck they are doing.  They were very organized, extremely helpful and easy to work with.

The only problem was the weather.  It was drizzly and unseasonably cold all day long. Even so, there were more people there than I would have expected considering the crumby weather.

Here are some pictures of our booth and the fair.

open air fair 1 russell's art open air fair scene open air fair2

Candle Pouring

Back in college, I used to make sandcast candles and then macrame holders for them – they could be hung from the ceiling.  A lot of guys in the dorm bought them from me. I was a little bit of a flower child, I guess, at least my crafty things made people think that way.

I started playing with making candles again a few years back.  I made a few sandcast candles, but everyone thought they were just weird, so I’m not really making those now, though I would if someone wanted one.

I have been finding vintage containers – teacups, wine goblets, odd containers, and then making them into candles.  I enjoy playing with the scents and colors.

I’ll be bringing them to the Atchison, Kansas Open Air Fair this coming Saturday.  Here is a sneak preview of those I made yesterday.

Half are cinnamon scented, the others are vanilla.

Half are cinnamon scented, the others are vanilla.