Clean wool

I found this fleece in a trash bag in my studio.  It was given to me by a nice young man who borrowed one of my bucks about 2 years ago for breeding. It came out looking pretty nice.

The weather has been extremely wet for a couple of weeks.  A lot of nearby areas are flooding.  Fortunately, we are up on a ridge, so our house and barn are dry – but the ground is super squishy.

The sun finally made an appearance this afternoon, and it is beautiful.


Even Suellen, our annoying little terrier mix, is enjoying the weather.

suellen keeps an eye out

Spring appears to have sprung

The ice has melted, there are buds on the trees, and a wee bit of green in the grass.

The local Great Blue Heron should be returning from wherever he winters in the next few weeks. In the almost eight years we have been here, I’ve yet to get a photo of him.  He is very shy.

So far, no algae.  That won't last long.

So far, no algae. That won’t last long.

Gunner is happy that the ice is gone.  He can jump into the pond, walk through the icky muddy bottom, get soaking wet, then run into the house and make it what it is today!

Why my house is always muddy.

Why my house is always muddy.