House Goats are not big on sleeping in

Most mornings, I get up around 6 am or so.  I get out of bed, and Emma jumps off and follows me.  This morning, I really wanted to sleep a little later than normal.

After awhile, I could hear Emma jumping off the bed and going into the kitchen, looking for goat treats.  It was just a short while later that she trotted into our bedroom and jumped back on the bed.  She settled down for about two minutes before she jumped out of bed again and came around to my side of the bed and butted it.

You just can’t reason with goats. If I did not get up, she would just keep jumping on and off the bed and butting it.

So I’m awake. Getting my second cup of coffee.

And Emma is outside with the dogs.

I think I’ll make another attempt at this

I’ve been working part time at HD at the service desk for a year now.  I’m also, of course, still raising colored angora goats and creating fiber stuff.

We have what appears to be a permanent house goat, Emma.  She goes outside during the day with the dogs and goats, but comes in every night to sleep.

We diaper her when she makes her grand entrance, and then she has a snack before we turn out all the lights and go to bed.

Emma jumps on our bed, and spends about 30 minutes or so snuggling in between John and I.  Then she moves over to the foot of the bed, where we have a special blanket and some towels for her to sleep on.

Sometimes, Emma finds the need to jump off the bed and go into the kitchen to check to see if the goat treat fairy has visited her bowl in the middle of the night.

I believe that most of the time, she is disappointed, and she comes back into the bedroom and stands next to my side of the bed until I touch her side and tell her it’s okay to jump up on the bed.  I have to say One, Two, Three, Jump.  Then she jumps and goes over to the foot of the bed and lays down.  Well, most of the time.  Sometimes, she goes over to John’s side of the bed and stands on him.  This is not something we want to encourage, but John, not wanting to upset any critters, just puts up with it.


I bought her a little tiara on Amazon – it was cheap, really cheap, but I can’t manage to keep it on her head long enough to step back with the camera and get a photo.

I believe I will need some assistance to do that.

Well, time to let Emma in.  I’ll attempt to do this more often.