I have got to force myself to post every darn day!

We have a new member of the Castle Argghhh Farm Angora Goat herd.  Marco was born on June 2nd to Lindo.  Both mother and son are doing well.  But they have been stuck inside because we have been having monsoon-like rains for the past week or so.
Lindo and Marco

The skies have been cloudy for days, with lots and lots and lots and lots of rain.  As a result, the grass in the pastures and hayfields is really high, but the ground is very squishy.

Willie and Petey like the lushness of the spring grass, but they are not fond of the muddy footing.

Willy and petey

Willie and Petey in the pasture – which is growing like crazy from all the rain we have been having.