My Most Hated Task is Over!

I hate working on tax stuff.  Between the farm, my little fiber business, my part-time job and all the other stuff (like my husband’s income, etc.) it is a real chore. And I’m not even the one who does the taxes, I just have to pull it all together for the best accountant in history.
It takes me days.  Every bag of goat feed, every fence post, every bit of gasoline used for the tractor and off road vehicles needs to be accounted for. Then, I have to find all the tax stuff that gets sent to us for the first two months of the year.

But I’m done.  It’s all been sent off to our accountant. Hurray.

That is one big, crushing load off of my mind.


This tax stuff is taking up way more time than it should.  I blame the government.  Why the hell is it so complicated.  And once I get my part done, it goes to our accountant.  This is ridiculous.

It is stealing my productivity and my sleep.

Working on Tax stuff

Getting all the tax information ready for our accountant today and probably tomorrow.  Having a small business makes it complicated.  Having a farm makes it more complicated.
Thank goodness for the software that came with my NeatReceipts Mobile Scanner.  My accountant told me she really appreciates that I can run a report that puts everything together for her.

I used to just hand her a box full of receipts – not a nice thing to do to such a nice woman!

I am able to “print” to the software from my email and from USPS so all the receipts are there and go into a PDF file when I create my report for her.  So the IRS will be able to verify every darn one of my receipts.

But it still takes hours of my time to get all that data into the program.  Not that I have any choice in the matter.

And in a way, yes, this is an endorsement for the Neat Receipts products.  I have been using it since 2011, and I’m impressed.

If you do click on my link above and buy them, I’ll even get a little bit of money because I’ve become an Amazon Associate – to help pay for things on the farm, so yeah, I’ve sold out.

I had to!