I’m back. Been busy. Goatlings are to blame.

We have had 13 kids born here at Castle Argghhh Farm since December 21. Eight of those kids are bottle babies, living in the house, wearing diapers. It has been a bit crazy.

I’m going to start moving them to a pen in the garage (which is heated) today, after I feed them and remove diapers and make sure they are cleaned up well.  (Diapers can make their little tails get a kind of poopy.  Yuck.)

To make things even more interesting, the washing machine broke over a week ago and flooded the laundry room.  We are having trouble getting an appliance repairman willing to come out here when there is all of about 1 inch of snow on the ground.  I got a promise that they will show up tomorrow.  We’ll see – there is 1/2 inch of snow forecast overnight, and I’m betting they will chicken out.

Just when did adults in our country become so pussified? Seriously, driving in the snow is no big deal, or at least it should not be!  We have not had a blizzard or 2 feet of snow.  We have had a couple of 1 to 2 inch snows, the roads have been cleared, and yet, the repair service is all scared about coming to fix something.  Phooey.

My Elementary School Teachers Were Too (not two or to) Good

My parents sacrificed much to send my sister and I to a private Catholic girls’ school when we were growing up.  This is what it looks like.  In the intervening years, it has changed a lot – no more cloistered nuns, it’s coed, and it has become a lot more exclusive than it was back 50 something years ago.

The school my sister and I attended from kindergarten through 10th Grade.

The school my sister and I attended from kindergarten through 10th Grade.

Our teachers were strict and serious about teaching. We diagrammed sentences, had spelling tests all the time (my downfall), and we were taught Latin from 7th Grade on.

The rules of Grammar were drilled into our pretty little heads every single day.  Papers in every subject were graded as much on proper grammar, punctuation, penmanship, and spelling as on content.

As a result, when I read blog posts, facebook updates, even Tweets, I get a little sick to my stomach because of the poor grammar and usage that is everywhere!

My God, Mother Earhart would have a fit over the misuse of Less and Fewer alone!

And it’s not just your every day person who makes these errors.  Writers, good writers, don’t seem to understand proper grammar.

It grates (not greats) on my nerves.

(And then there was penmanship.  Boy, did I suck at penmanship. Someone got the great idea that we should all learn Chancery Script rather than the more common Palmer Method of hand writing. That is another post.)