October Already?

I’ve been busy making stuff, shearing goats and going to arts and crafts shows, and I have neglected my blog.

I have also been busy teaching Willow to stand on her hind legs and dance.  To encourage her, I bought her a tutu.

Hopefully, I’ll have a decent video to show off her new skills, but in the meantime, we do have some cute pre-show stills.headband willow getting ready to dance carly knocked over the tripod. ballerinas have to eat too bow

I’m such a mean goat mommy

Willow has slept every night of her little goatie life in the house since she was born on January 31.

She is becoming a young lady goat, now, and it’s time for her to learn to sleep with the other goats in the barn.

So, with a heavy heart, and Buffy, the Coyote Slayer, I made Willow go into the barn with the other goats tonight.  Buffy is there to keep her comfy.

I love that little goat very much, but sharp little hooves and pointy horns make for a dangerous ‘puppy’ sleeping at the foot of the bed.

I’ll keep everyone updated in the morning.

I hope I can keep from going out to the barn at 2 am and bringing her back into the house.

Wish me luck.


Little Miss Willow is 6 weeks old.  She is doing quite well, considering how iffy her survival was at birth.  She is a housegoat currently, though we are trying to get her to spend as much time outside as she can stand.

Willow has fallen in love with the dogs.  She has little interest in the rest of the herd, and prefers to chase squirrels with the dogs.


Willow was born on January 31st. She is a twin, but had respiratory problems at birth, so we brought her into the house so we can hand raise her.