Goat Stories

I’ve been writing stories about my herd of goats for some years on Facebook. I’ve had a lot of people tell me that I should put those stories into a book, probably a children’s book.

If I make it a children’s book, it will need to either have photographs or illustrations, I imagine.  I have a good friend who illustrate the books, but I’m not sure how to go about the writing and the illustrating. Do I write a chapter and have Russell draw something for each chapter?  Do I write very simply for little kids, or do I write as I normally do?

Maybe it could just be a collection of short stories about silly goats.  I don’t know.

The only writers I know are science fiction and/or fantasy writers. I have this fear that people who write children’s books are a bit too nice, a bit too friendly, a bit too much like Mr. Rogers. I’m not like that.  I’m something of a curmudgeon, and I’m not sure I would like to search out and hang out with syrupy sweet writers of children’s books.

Maybe I should write a Goat Horror story?

I do know I’ve been dithering about this for long enough.  Decisions must be made.