January 1, 2021

Seems like a good day to try blogging again. Spent this afternoon trying to fix up a small goat shelter I built that was flipped over by the wind a couple of weeks ago. John realized we could not flip it back over without help from a friend or two, so we put a temporary roof on what was the bottom and is now the top.

We used scrap lumber to build a frame for a very heavy duty tarp, so the five little goats will have some shelter until the snow clears up and it gets a wee bit warmer, then I’ll roof it like I did before.

We also bought corner anchors for it, so that once it is in place, it won’t get flipped again!

Last year, or course, was awful. We lost our old horse, Willy (he was about 38 years old), Molly, one of our Livestock Guardian Dogs, and Stewart, The Housegoat of Argghhh (Our herd sire). And then, on top of all that, this stupid Covid 19 thing stopped everyone’s life.

No art fairs or craft festivals, no Ren Fest, and more. Ugh. I hope those will return this year, because I really need places where I can demonstrate my crafts, spinning, felting, etc., and sell them!

Online is very difficult for me. The costs of selling on Etsy.com are horrible, and they have ridiculous rules, and if you are successful, they will automatically push your etsy shop on google, etc, and, of course, you have to pay extra for that, even if you did not choose that route for advertising. I have used artfire.com in the past, also, but to get your items showing up in their damned search engine, you have to pay a lot extra.

I was pretty successful at selling on Facebook, but Facebook has turned into a woke establishment and kept telling me that my posts were against their community standards. So I got off of Facebook.

I am on mewe.com, and I’m trying to decide if I should open a page for Castle Argghhh there. There is a small monthly cost, but if I see enough potential customers there for my stuff, I’ll pay it.

In the meantime, I guess I need to figure out how to sell things through WordPress.

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Cats of Argghhh!

We have an interesting bunch of cats here at Castle Argghhh! Farm. Our most recent addition is Callie.

Where Callie spends the majority of her day – on a chair in the kitchen.

Callie was supposedly given up by a couple who went into assisted living and could not keep a pet. We have no idea how old she is, she had been declawed by her previous owners, and she has some rather odd habits.

We have had her for a little over a year, and she spent the first 10 months with us on our bed Getting out only to use the litter box or eat and drink. She is not fond of being held, but really likes scritches.

A few months ago, I picked her up and brought her into the living room. She stayed on a chair there for a few days and then moved to the chair she is sitting in above, in the kitchen next to my Hoosier cabinet, where I keep my laptop.

She has some strange potty habits, and we wonder if that is why she was taken to a shelter.

Callie will pee and poop on the towel on the chair. Then she gets off the chair and hides until I notice and put a fresh towel out for her while I clean the dirty one.

She also leaves the chair to get a drink of water from the bowl that is about 4 feet away from her.

And that’s it. That’s all she does. Except hate all the other cats and growl at them. She does purr constantly if John or I are sitting next to her, but gosh, weird, weird, weird.

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It’s Amazing How Much Time We Have Without Facebook!

Both John and I have been making a lot of progress on the house since getting off Social Media. Yesterday, John replaced a floor vent in the living room which needed replacing for a really long time! The living room is actually in good enough shape that we won’t be embarrassed if someone came over unexpectedly.

And I pulled out my drum carder the other day and cleaned it all and reconfigured the licker-in and the drum, and then carded all of Carl’s mohair. I’m in the process of getting my Aura cleaned up (my poor wheel is very dusty) so I can spin it all up. I found a free pattern for crocheted mittens, and I may see if I can commission The Wandering Witchling to crochet them for me.

I used to crochet a lot. I even got to the point where I could use charts to crochet lace curtains with pretty patterns, but I have forgotten a lot and my fingers are not as nimble as they once were.

I also plan to do a lot of lock spinning – I have quite a few pounds of washed mohair locks that are at least 5 inches long or longer, and they will make great yarn for a lot of projects.

Etsy has become pretty pricey, so I don’t think I can sell there and make a profit, but I still have my old Artfire account – I was one of the first ones in, so I only pay $5.95 a month, they grandfathered us in. Artfire will not push my shop, though, so I may have to rejoin Faceboogers or Twitter to push sales to my artfire ship.

And I can probably set up something here on the blog to do the same, I’ll have to figure it out, once I get enough merchandise to sell.

And yes, I should be selling the mohair. Raw or cleaned, locks or carded into batts.

I went into my little fiber studio building yesterday, and I have so much mohair that is beautiful and in very salable condition.

Getting off of Facebook and Effexor may save my little business.

Here’s hoping.

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Pre-election Blues

I cannot wait until the election is over. I feel in my heart that President Trump will win, but golly, the fraud from the Left is going to be epic. It all makes this old lady very nervous.

And then, there are those on the Left who actually want to overthrow President Trump – no matter what. They are even calling it a coup.

An article in The Federalist lists at least 7 distinct threats to citizens who do not agree with the progressive line. And they are very scary threats that some plan to follow through on no matter who wins the election.

So, I’m staying off of social media as much as possible. Today, I’m baking bread and spinning yarn from Carl’s beautiful first fleece.

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Blogging is harder than I remember

When I had my She Who Must Be Obeyed blog, I found it easy to add several posts a day. And I did it for at least five years. And, I was working full time, traveling all over the place. I really need to get my blog juju back.

I cannot even figure out where I pick a category before I publish a post, and then I realize I have a zillion categories, what the hell was I thinking?

And I need to fix so many things, but if I spend time figuring all that out, I’ll never post anything.

And what if I decide I want to rant about the crazy people with TDS? Will that invite a bunch of trolls?

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Today Was Different

Update – they caught him, and the two little girls are safe.

We locked up our farm earlier today, when the Amber Alert first went out, because our farm is right next door to Donny Jackson’s father’s land. His name is also Donny Jackson, but is of course the Senior.

At least one helicopter was overhead, and because there are a lot of wooded areas on our farm and on the Jackson land next to us, as well as the land to our south, which no one lives on, we loaded up the shotgun and a handgun, and actually locked every door to the house.

This is our sheriff, Andy Dedeke, being interviewed about a double homicide and kidnapping that occurred in our area today.

I hope they get this guy. He has a bit of a reputation so far as we are concerned because he set leg traps on a creek that goes down the property line, and trapped our dog, Gunner, years ago. We were lucky to find Gunner, as it was during a huge snowstorm.

Anyway, I was a nervous wreck until we learned that the man and his little girls were seen at the Oklahoma border some hours ago. I hope he is caught before he hurts them.

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We Are Having Wonky Weather today!

Yesterday, the high was 44 degrees Fahrenheit. Today, it got up to 87 degrees. A cold front was forecast to come in this evening, and I was out with the goats when the winds suddenly changed from South, South West to North, North east. I looked up at the sky, and the front line was right overhead.

It is 56 degrees at the moment, and we should get some much needed rain from all this front activity. If you want to see our weather, you can go to https://www.wunderground.com/weather/KKSEASTO10 and see our particular weather stats from our weather station here.

When you live on a farm with a bunch of critters, the weather forecasts are really pretty important. It looks like we might get snow next week, so I was thrilled when our friend, Major, came by this afternoon to check on his deer blind. I asked him if he could move some of our giant hay bales to both the bucks pasture and to Willowheim. And, of course, he did.

Still need to spend a lot of time figuring out how to make a sales page here. I have been scouring some beautiful kid mohair that I sheared a couple of months ago, and as much as I would love to keep all of it for myself, I do need to make some money to keep my farm going!

I’ll work on getting some good photos tomorrow.

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Well, I did it. I dumped Facebook

This, of course, means I need to figure out how to sell mohair and other fibery things from a blog!

I was once really good at technology stuff, but I have not really kept up. I appreciate not having to write my blog in html anymore, but I am horribly ignorant of all the jargon used – do I want blocks or widgets, or what, to make money here.

So, please bear with me, It may take a bit of tinkering to do what I want.

And please, do comment with any ideas.

Oh, oh, oh – I still need to figure out how to do the blogroll – it’s not quite the same as the blogs I am following – at least, I don’t think so!

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Looks like Facebook is forcing me to blog!

I am suddenly not able to get into Facebook. My husband can get into his profile, and he can see my profile, but as soon as I try to log in, Facebook has a problem.

Ugh. I have tried 3 different devices, and all say that Facebook is working on it.


Anyway, I will have to show up here from now on, I suppose. I did set up a mewe account when it first started up, but I have not been there since.

I suspect that this is because I support Trump, and I’m vocal about it. I just hope I can figure out a way to download years of photos from facebook. Boo.

Now, for farm data – I quadrupled the size of the pen of my wee little mini silky bucklings today. Sadly, that really wore me out.

It took the knuckleheads a full hour before they would venture into the new area.

What did you do today?

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October First, Farm Diary

It was a beautiful day, as you can see. This is our lower hay field. We grow Brome hay. It’s a perennial, so pretty easy to keep up! We have a farmer who comes and fertilizes it in the winter and then mows and bales for us in the summer. We have a deal, he keeps 2/3 of it, we get 1/3. It mostly works pretty well.

I drove down here to cut some saplings down that were encroaching on the field. I wanted to get them while they still had leaves so I could feed them to the goats. Goats love tree leaves. LOVE THEM!

There are a few wildflowers sprinkled through the field. Clover, sunflowers, black eyed Susans, etc.

Cyrus always follows me when I’m checking out things on the farm. He is a good dog!

After I took the saplings up to feed to the bucks, I drove over to try to figure out how the hell I am going to get the incredibly large round bales to the goats’ pastures for feeding.
I have been taking bales apart, putting hay on the truck, driving to the correct pasture and unloading the hay. All by hand. And I mean, by hand. Ugh. I have rashes constantly from the hay!

Our tractor has been out of order for several years. And even if it was in working order, it is not nearly big enough to haul 4ftx6ft round bales – these things are monsters. They are the bales on the left – the one on the right is a 4ftx4ft bale – it is possible to move them with the truck, but still not easy.

Hopefully, I’ll figure this out soon, I do not want to spend 3 hours a day unraveling these monster bales, throwing bits of hay on the truck and then unloading the bits of hay to the goats.

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