Goat Farmer Life

The goats were very naughty this evening. Fully one half of them decided to do some exploring and were nowhere to be found, including Carly, the wee little bottle baby goat.

The only goat who stays home is Willow, it seems, but she thinks she is a dog, so eh.

Instead of leisurely preparing everything to go to the Ren Fest tomorrow, I had to go hunting for my naughty, naughty goaties.

I suspected I knew where they had gone, but I did not want to have to go get them and bring them home because that entails walking through our overgrown woods to the south, getting stuck on those stupid wild roses and other sticker bushes, getting spiderwebs in my face, climbing under a barbed wire fence, over a metal gate and stalking them through a hayfield that does not belong to us, but to a neighbor who does not live on their land.

And of course, I was right.

So I yelled at them to go home, and ran behind them, and they decided to cross over to our property about 300 yards after I wanted to cross over. Ugh.

I climbed under the closer barbed wire fence with Carly, because she was hungry for her bottle and figured out that I was the only being around who was going to feed her little butt.

As Carly and I crossed over into our land, Suellen, the semi-evil little dog, Buffy, the Coyote Slayer (best dog around) and Willow, the goat who thinks she is a dog all came running, barking or making goat noises , towards me.

I told them it was time for us all to turn around because we were going home!! And I proceeded to walk 1/4 mile tripping and falling over Suellen, Buffy, Carly and Willow. They all thought they should lead the way, but they would suddenly stop right in front of me, and it was often all I could do to stay upright.

We got home, I fixed Carly’s formula and then spent 30 minutes getting all the goats into their night time pasture.

So here I sit, wool, mohair, yarn, dryer balls, scarves, all kinds of things surrounding me, and I’m thinking hecky darn. I’m going to bed now – I’ll just get up early to put this all together for the weekend.

And I feel a little sorry for my dear husband, because he is going to have to deal with the Goats of Argghhh! While I’m trying to earn some money!

About Beth Donovan

Wife. Mom. Grandma. fiber artist, goat farmer, messy housekeeper, decent cook. Oh, and I can shoot. Really well.
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  1. mobiuswolf says:

    Carly’s big adventure! Good luck at Ren.

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