I’m beginning to wonder if this kidding season will ever end!

Last Thursday, as John and I were getting the bottle babies into the house for the night, we saw Honey – standing nearby – with a brand new doeling.

Another oops.  I thought we were finished a few weeks ago.  So I brought them into the garage nursing pen so they could have a couple of days of bonding well before I let them out into the general population.

Now, as soon as I sheared Willow a couple of weeks ago, I knew she was preggers – baby bump, udder starting to fill out, bitchiness … you know how it is!

Willow has wanted a lot of individual attention this past week, so we indulged her.  Friday afternoon, she climbed up to the deck to sit next to me while I ate my lunch.  She kept staring at me, so I went in and fixed her some beet pulp mixed with water.  She gobbled it down.

Now, I’ve been told many times that goats just don’t eat before they kid, so I was surprised to find that a few hours later, Willow was at the back door, with her new little doeling!

I have 7 bottle babies I need to sell, but I have to get up enough energy to photograph them and advertise for them.

I also have tons of shearing to do. The wintery weather of April has set my schedule way behind, and this is the busiest time of year at work, so I have less time than normal to get the shearing and vaccinations and hoof trimming done.

I kind of wish there were two of me!

I’m off work tomorrow.  I will be shearing and taking photos, which I will upload here tomorrow night, hopefully!

About Beth Donovan

Wife. Mom. Grandma. fiber artist, goat farmer, messy housekeeper, decent cook. Oh, and I can shoot. Really well.
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