Summer is supposed to be three weeks away.

We have been having temps in the 100s out here for over a week now.  It’s miserable. We need rain for the ponds, creeks, and hay.  We need cooler weather so I can get all my goats sheared.  I’ll be throwing away a lot of fleeces.

The good thing about the overly hot weather is that I was able to move my 5 keets from the house to their coop today – they are 3 weeks old, almost completely feathered out, and they were escaping their brooder quite often.

So, I got them out there, and they are just sitting there – they have a very nice coop with yard, but they have barely moved for 6 hours.

Hopefully, I will get a photo of them tomorrow doing more than hiding in the grass!

When we went out this evening to give the bottle babies their milk and to give the other goats grain and sunflower seeds, I noticed what appeared to be a baby goat at the far end of Willowheim. I was going to go in and get my walking stick, but sweet John hiked over there to pick up the wee thing and bring it to me for its first day medical treatment of a shot of bovi-sera and spraying the umbilical cord and checking its sex. (Thankfully, goats don’t get to decide what sex they identify with).

It’s a wee boy, he’s blue, and strong, but very shy.  We were not sure who his mama was in the dark – John thought maybe one doe, I thought another – ends up, Cassie is his mama – she finally took ownership of the poor lad and started nursing him.

I wish I did not have to work tomorrow – I took today off because of a massive sinus headache, and because of a need for a mental health day away from people – but I do need to go back and work tomorrow.

For all my friends who want photos.  I will try.  My telephoto lens is awkward, but my other lens is broken, and I need to replace it, so there you go.


About Beth Donovan

Wife. Mom. Grandma. fiber artist, goat farmer, messy housekeeper, decent cook. Oh, and I can shoot. Really well.
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2 Responses to Summer is supposed to be three weeks away.

  1. We’ve been seeing wave after wave of thunderstorms go past the last week, with a generous helping of flash floods on the side. Widh I could pack some up and msil it to you…


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