The Wee Lost Kid Has Been Found

John found Cassie’s lost buckling this evening.  He was only about 4 feet from the fence, but the woods has a thick undergrowth, and I must have missed him four or five times.  He’s now back with his mama, filling his tummy.

I’m half tempted to name him, “Peter”, as he was a lost boy.  Or, perhaps, “George”, as he was so curious as to leave the pasture.

Anyway, the day is much better now.

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Is it Friday The 13th?

No, it’s not Friday the 13th, but it seems like it.  I woke up to find that something (likely a racoon) had pulled the hardware cloth off the chicken coop and my five keets were gone.  I did not see any signs of feathers, so there is a chance that maybe one or more escaped, but I don’t expect to see them again.

Then, as I fed my bottle babies, I watched the new kid from yesterday go through the fence and into the woods.  I searched and searched, and could not find him – but eventually, he’ll get hungry and call for his mama – then I should find him, I hope.

And then, I discovered a dead kid – born in the past day or so, he was beautiful.  He was on the wrong side of the fence, and his likely mama is a first timer so did not cry as mamas normally do. 😦


So I stayed home from work – still have a sinus headache, and after these traumas, I’d be likely to not be a great employee today.

Sometimes farmlife is really difficult.  This is one of those days.

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Summer is supposed to be three weeks away.

We have been having temps in the 100s out here for over a week now.  It’s miserable. We need rain for the ponds, creeks, and hay.  We need cooler weather so I can get all my goats sheared.  I’ll be throwing away a lot of fleeces.

The good thing about the overly hot weather is that I was able to move my 5 keets from the house to their coop today – they are 3 weeks old, almost completely feathered out, and they were escaping their brooder quite often.

So, I got them out there, and they are just sitting there – they have a very nice coop with yard, but they have barely moved for 6 hours.

Hopefully, I will get a photo of them tomorrow doing more than hiding in the grass!

When we went out this evening to give the bottle babies their milk and to give the other goats grain and sunflower seeds, I noticed what appeared to be a baby goat at the far end of Willowheim. I was going to go in and get my walking stick, but sweet John hiked over there to pick up the wee thing and bring it to me for its first day medical treatment of a shot of bovi-sera and spraying the umbilical cord and checking its sex. (Thankfully, goats don’t get to decide what sex they identify with).

It’s a wee boy, he’s blue, and strong, but very shy.  We were not sure who his mama was in the dark – John thought maybe one doe, I thought another – ends up, Cassie is his mama – she finally took ownership of the poor lad and started nursing him.

I wish I did not have to work tomorrow – I took today off because of a massive sinus headache, and because of a need for a mental health day away from people – but I do need to go back and work tomorrow.

For all my friends who want photos.  I will try.  My telephoto lens is awkward, but my other lens is broken, and I need to replace it, so there you go.


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I’ve got to Change My Evil Ways.

While in a rather depressed state for the last several years, I developed some bad, evil habits.

If I am to succeed as a goat herder/ fiber artist, I have to change these habits.  I quit smoking 33 years ago, so I know I can change bad habits.  When I quit smoking, I changed my everyday habits that always included a cigarette – well, not all the things I did each day, but quite a few.

For example, I always had a cigarette with my coffee in the morning.  So I stopped making coffee – I had orange juice instead.

I loved having a cigarette with a beer, so I switched to wine – these little things worked, and I was able to stop my 20+ year habit by making new habits.

Now, I can have coffee or a beer and have no desire for a cigarette!

So, these are the habits I need to figure out substitute for now – 1. Taking two hours after I get up in the morning before I’m ready to shower and dress and make breakfast – this is such a huge waste of time!  What do I do, you ask? Well, mostly I play Spider Solitaire – on the hardest level, and a few other word games.

I suppose I could delete these games from my Kindle and see if I can get myself up and out of the house to feed goats and possibly shear one or two before I need to shower and get ready for work.  It is summer, there is plenty of light.

I think this is the first thing I’ll work on.   But, first, I’m going to go play my two games a bit before I delete them!




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Working in Retail on Holiday Weekends

What can I say.  The Memorial Day weekend is one of the biggest retail weekends of the year at Home Depot.  It’s a madhouse.  I’m working more hours that usual because of the many customers.

We have some great sales, and people wait until this weekend every year to buy a new barbeque or get charcoal and mostly, to buy plants – flowers, vegetables, herbs.

Whenever you get this busy, there are bound to be a few grumpy people who will complain that there are not enough employees to meet their needs.

That, of course, is a problem with retail – you can’t hire a bunch of people, train them and pay them for maybe 4 weekends in a year – We would be grossly overstaffed the rest of the time.  We do our best to assist customers as fast as we can, but it never fails that a few people come in on our busiest days with issues that need to be resolved, but that could have been done a month ago or so.

One very nice lady even asked why we were so busy yesterday, she couldn’t figure it out.

The weather is very hot and sunny this weekend, I’ll be really tired when I get off tonight at 9:00 PM after a full 8 + hour shift.

Heck, I’m tired starting off, after a long shift yesterday!

So enjoy the weekend, and do remember what Memorial Day is really about (remembering those lost in service to our country), and maybe even take time to visit one of the National Cemeteries.  We will be visiting John’s parents at the Leavenworth National Cemetery on Monday, after I get off work.

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I’m beginning to wonder if this kidding season will ever end!

Last Thursday, as John and I were getting the bottle babies into the house for the night, we saw Honey – standing nearby – with a brand new doeling.

Another oops.  I thought we were finished a few weeks ago.  So I brought them into the garage nursing pen so they could have a couple of days of bonding well before I let them out into the general population.

Now, as soon as I sheared Willow a couple of weeks ago, I knew she was preggers – baby bump, udder starting to fill out, bitchiness … you know how it is!

Willow has wanted a lot of individual attention this past week, so we indulged her.  Friday afternoon, she climbed up to the deck to sit next to me while I ate my lunch.  She kept staring at me, so I went in and fixed her some beet pulp mixed with water.  She gobbled it down.

Now, I’ve been told many times that goats just don’t eat before they kid, so I was surprised to find that a few hours later, Willow was at the back door, with her new little doeling!

I have 7 bottle babies I need to sell, but I have to get up enough energy to photograph them and advertise for them.

I also have tons of shearing to do. The wintery weather of April has set my schedule way behind, and this is the busiest time of year at work, so I have less time than normal to get the shearing and vaccinations and hoof trimming done.

I kind of wish there were two of me!

I’m off work tomorrow.  I will be shearing and taking photos, which I will upload here tomorrow night, hopefully!

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Holy Goat Turds, Batman!

I have been very, very bad about writing here.  Oh, my!  It’s a bit embarrassing.  I still have many wonderful colored angora goats here at Castle Argghhh! Farm, but because I have a stupid part-time job, much of my energy has dwindled, and I have not worked with my fibers for ages.

This must change.

I have a bunch of goatlings that are for sale, and I also have a bunch who need to be sheared.  We had an awful winter/spring – snow on 3 weekends in April – and that put me far behind in my chores.  Now, it is warm enough, but I’m being scheduled for more hours, for this time of the year is huge for Home Depot – people have been so anxious about planting their gardens, and we have been a full two to three weeks behind, weather-wise, so now the store is jam packed.

Naturally, we have hard -to-please customers, and they take a lot out of someone who works at the Service Desk – at least someone like me. It’s stressful when people are unkind to me or my coworkers, and it’s even more stressful if some of my coworkers are unkind to each other.


Retail has always been difficult.

Happily, we are paid very well for retail, especially for a part-time job.
I would love, though, to be able to make enough money with the goats and fiber stuff that I could once again stop working and stay at home with my critters.  I need to work harder at selling my herd’s mohair and things made from it than I have.

Anyway, I will really, really, really try to be back – for real, this time.

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Merry Christmas


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I’m back. Been busy. Goatlings are to blame.

We have had 13 kids born here at Castle Argghhh Farm since December 21. Eight of those kids are bottle babies, living in the house, wearing diapers. It has been a bit crazy.

I’m going to start moving them to a pen in the garage (which is heated) today, after I feed them and remove diapers and make sure they are cleaned up well.  (Diapers can make their little tails get a kind of poopy.  Yuck.)

To make things even more interesting, the washing machine broke over a week ago and flooded the laundry room.  We are having trouble getting an appliance repairman willing to come out here when there is all of about 1 inch of snow on the ground.  I got a promise that they will show up tomorrow.  We’ll see – there is 1/2 inch of snow forecast overnight, and I’m betting they will chicken out.

Just when did adults in our country become so pussified? Seriously, driving in the snow is no big deal, or at least it should not be!  We have not had a blizzard or 2 feet of snow.  We have had a couple of 1 to 2 inch snows, the roads have been cleared, and yet, the repair service is all scared about coming to fix something.  Phooey.

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Walmart is a Holy Land

This is a lovely Christmas story.

Source: Walmart is a Holy Land

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