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A Blast From The Future

Great post from Sarah Hoyt. Let’s hope this will not be the future of our children’s children’s children.

According To Hoyt

Come closer, children, and spread ears like elephants’.

Let me tell you about the time of the ancestors.  You’ve heard all the stories and I know most of you don’t believe them, but listen to me who am old and remember.

Yes, it is true that men could fly through the air like birds, only faster than birds.  They could go to the other side of the Earth because they wanted to see what was there.

Yes, it is true that the great sorcerers of that time had created a magic that could project your image anywhere.  People saw what was happening on the other side of the world even without going there.

Yes, it is true that people could put their opinions — or their breakfast, or their cat pictures — up in a place where anyone in the world could see them, so that if someone was lying…

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Authorities Search Redlands Home Tied To Suspect Syed Farook « CBS Los Angeles

So now people are afraid to report Middle Eastern men suddenly showing up because they don’t want to be guilty of profiling.

A man who has been working in the area said he noticed a half-dozen Middle Eastern men in the area in recent weeks, but decided not to report anything since he did not wish to racially profile those people.“We sat around lunch thinking, ‘What were they doing around the neighborhood?’” he said.  “We’d see them leave where they’re raiding the apartment.”

Source: Authorities Search Redlands Home Tied To Suspect Syed Farook « CBS Los Angeles

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The DiploMad 2.0: Thoughts On Cultural Appropriation: Eat Tacos or the Terrorists Win!

For some stupid reason, I had forgotten about this excellent blog.  I will not forget it again.

The brave student federation at UniOtt took to heart the progressive definition of cultural appropriation,Taking intellectual property, traditional knowledge, cultural expressions, or artifacts from someone else’s culture without permission. This can include unauthorized use of another culture’s dance, dress, music, language, folklore, cuisine, traditional medicine, religious symbols, etc. It’s most likely to be harmful when the source community is a minority group that has been oppressed or exploited in other ways or when the object of appropriation is particularly sensitive, e.g. sacred objects. In the United States, cultural appropriation almost always involves members of the dominant culture (or those who identify with it) “borrowing” from the cultures of minority groups. African Americans, Asian Americans, Native Americans and indigenous peoples generally tend to emerge as the groups targeted for cultural appropriation. Black music and dance, Native American fashions, decorations and cultural symbols and Asian martial arts and dress have all fallen prey to cultural appropriation.

Source: The DiploMad 2.0: Thoughts On Cultural Appropriation: Eat Tacos or the Terrorists Win!

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When will our leaders face up to the truth that the EU is a gigantic sham? – Telegraph

The disastrously uncoordinated response to the refugee crisis had already discredited the notion that this was a unified federation in which all member states had an equal voice. The grand verbiage of solidarity and cooperation simply dissolved when faced with a global humanitarian disaster – precisely the sort of event which the whole edifice was originally constructed to avert. And then, with Paris, it became horrifyingly obvious that the open borders policy – the most sacred of the EU founding principles – was unsustainable. As Abdelhamid Abaaoud and his army of butchers had clearly known all along, and the migrant-traffickers were able to promise their desperate customers, once you set foot on the holy ground of Europe you may as well be invisible.

Source: When will our leaders face up to the truth that the EU is a gigantic sham? – Telegraph

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The City of the Whited Sepulchres – The American Interest

Each community insists on being governed in its own way and Brussels, historically a French-speaking city in the midst of a Dutch-speaking countryside, has been a particularly thorny issue in Belgian politics. One compromise has been to divide power down to tiny districts and communities; as this NYT piece notes, 19 municipal zones are divided into six police ‘zones’ cover a city of one million people. The result is that many parts of the capital are hardly policed at all. Meanwhile, despite the famously high social aspirations and exalted rhetoric about integration and opportunity that one hears from Europeans lavishly praising their social model, somehow generation after generation of immigrants stagnates in a toxic atmosphere of exclusion, unemployment, and crime.

Source: The City of the Whited Sepulchres – The American Interest

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Why Adoption Is the Biggest Blessing of Them All — Medium

I’ve always known that I was adopted. It was never a secret or held from me.

Source: Why Adoption Is the Biggest Blessing of Them All — Medium


I was adopted also, and although I’m a day late for National Adoption Day, this writer’s experience exactly mirrors mine.

There are a lot of so-called pro-abortion feminists who insist that abortion is a better option than adoption.  No lie.  I’ve been told by a member of the National Organization for Women that I would have been better off aborted.


Anyway, please, if you are pregnant and are not ready to be a mom, please consider adoption.  Yes, it is a sacrifice, but that fetus is a baby, who deserves a chance.  If you are not willing to give your creation a chance, please give up a few months of your life to give that child life.  If you don’t want that child, there are so many wonderful couple who will take that child and make him or her part of their family.

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Cobweb Felted Scarf, the final chapter

Continuing from Part Two of cobweb felting, I continue wetting and rolling up the wool roving in the plastic until the end.  Then I put a couple of rubber bands on each end.rolled up and banded

Put the roll into a lingerie bag.

rolled up and banded

And then put it in your dryer for 20 minutes – no heat – then take it out and unroll.

unrolledNext, you are going to roll it up again, only starting from the opposite end – make sure the wool is still wet, if not, spray with more water.  It does need to be nice and wet.

Put it back in the dryer, no heat, for another 20 minutes. When you take it out and unroll it this time, you are going to flip the whole thing over – by now, it will be felted enough that you don’t have to worry about it pulling apart at all.

flipped over, ready to roll

Once again, roll up in the plastic, making sure the wool is nice and wet, and put it in the dryer for another 20 minutes, no heat! Then take out the rolled wool, unroll once more, reroll in the other direction and back in the dryer for 20 minutes.

Now, for the final step.

Unroll the scarf  and get it wet and wring it out and make it all scrunched up.  Yeah, scrunch it up good!
last unroll

Like this:

scrunched up

Finally, put it in a plastic grocery bag and put it back in the dryer for 5 minutes.

bagged up

When you take it out of the dryer, it should be fulled quite well.  Don’t leave it in much longer or it will get too thick and not be as soft and pretty.

Take it out of the bag and unscrunch it – you can pull and tug it to shape it the way you want it.  I usually just hang it over a shower curtain to dry, but you can block it like you would a sweater, or you can even use an iron with an ironing cloth to speed the drying and to make it flatter.

And here is the final product – at this point, you can embellish it with needlefelting, or just leave it as is.  I think my handspun mohair lock yarn is enough, so I’ll stop here.

finished scarf

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Cobweb Felted Scarf – Part the Second

You will need some plastic. You do not need bubble wrap. I got some plastic sheeting that is fairly sturdy – probably 3 or 4 mils thick – from Home Depot a few years ago.  The stuff will last forever. I cut it into pieces that are easier to handle. The piece I use most often is 40 inches wide x 90 inches long. I fold it in half so it is 20 inches wide x 90 inches long. Then I put the roving on the plastic and pull it out a bit further – so it is almost as wide as the plastic, but not quite.

roving on plastic

Then, you will also need water.  I like this little pump sprayer – Solo 418 One-Hand Pressure Sprayer, 1-Liter – as it makes a more gentle spray than most pump sprayers.

I start spraying the roving with water – I go about 18 inches at at time, and I squish it gently with my hands to get the water to soak in better.  You can, on this first wetting, add a tiny bit of Dawn to the water to help the wool absorb the water.

As the wool roving gets wet, I start to add some embellishments.  In this case, I’m adding some tailspun yarn I spun that is the same color blue as the blue stripes.  I add it after I wet down the wool, and then I make sure that the yarn is also wet. wetting down and embellishing

Then I start rolling the scarf up in the plastic – I just fold maybe 3/4 to 1 inch over the wool to start, and I start to roll it.  Then I do more wetting and embellishing and then more rolling.
starting to roll as I wet down and embellishI continue on until I have wet down the entire piece.

More on the next post.

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Cobweb Felted Scarf Tutorial – Part the First

People seem to want to know how I make these things. I guess I’ll share, but it will take me some time, I’m slow.

First thing you need is some nice hand-dyed wool roving. Here is the roving that I dyed. I am going to felt this into a scarf. dyed rovingIt is Polwarth wool – very soft, but with a longer staple than Merino. I love it because it’s beautiful to spin with, super soft and fluffy.  I like fluffy.

If you are interested in buying hand-dyed roving from me.  I charge $5.00 an ounce plus shipping for hand-dyed Polwarth.  You only need about 3 ounces, so $15.00 will do it.

Now, I have a nice, 8 foot long table that I lay that roving out on – only I don’t use the whole table, I do a bit, roll it up and do a bit more.

What am I doing, you ask?  I’m stretching the roving out, width-wise – to start to form a scarf shape – you just keep pulling the wool gently – I usually go up and down the entire length several times. I’ll leave this for today and continue tomorrow. I have a lot of fiber to arrange. 🙂roving pulled out

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