Cobweb Felted Scarves

I’ve been working on making cobweb felted scarves. Here are photos of some of them. I you have any interest in purchasing one, do let me know!

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Mizzou Shows Why We Should Burn Down the Universities

This is higher ed’s time for choosing. If this is the new purpose of the universities—to nurture a crop of activists trained at whipping up angry mobs, and a generation of college graduates conditioned to submit to those mobs—then there is no longer any purpose served by these institutions. There is certainly no justification for the outrageous claim they are making on the economic resources of the average family, who sends their kids to schools whose tuition has been inflated by decades of government subsidies.The universities have done this to themselves. They created the whole phenomenon of modern identity politics and Politically Correct rules to limit speech. They have fostered a totalitarian microculture in which conformity to those rules is considered natural and expected. Now that system is starting to eat them alive, from elite universities like Yale, all the way down to, er, less-than-elite ones like Mizzou.They created this Frankenstein monster, and it’s up to them to kill it before it kills them.

Source: Mizzou Shows Why We Should Burn Down the Universities

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We support the 2nd Amendment here at Castle Argghhh!

This is our collection.  John has been collecting guns and militaria since he was a teenager. As you can see, our collection is more than just guns. We have sights, aiming circles, dummy shells, dummy grenades, demilitarized machine guns (because we could not afford to own working machine guns like the Vickers or Maxim), and all the accouterments.

For example, we have two Vickers Machine guns – both are unworkable, but… John has collected all that went with them – from a parts box with all the parts to the water jackets and hose and water can.

We even have a New Testament issued to Australian troops in WWI.

You have to be a special kind of nutty to do this.  John was a military historian for part of his career in the Army, and he can tell you a lot about everything we own. gunroom1 gunroom2 gunroom3 gunroom4

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College student speaks out about ‘rape culture,’ ‘hookup culture’ | Washington Examiner

“What aspects of our society lie within the realm of a rape culture?” Briggs wrote. “There is simply no systemic tolerance for rape, no prosecution of victims and the general disgust for rape and rapists may only be trumped by the general disgust for pedophilia or murder; indicating that it is not, contrary to what many say, an institutionalized part of our ‘culture.'”

Source: College student speaks out about ‘rape culture,’ ‘hookup culture’ | Washington Examiner

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I am a worrier. I worry about everything imaginable. You name it, I’m worried about it.

One of my worries of late has been our water. You see, we are on a rural water line, and we have to go out and read our own meter every month, then figure out how much we owe the water district and send in our money.

Should not be a big deal, right?

But back in May, I noticed that we had a huge uptick in water usage. So much that John and I checked all our hydrants and we realized that one was running – underground – all the time.

We turned off the water to the barn and called Digger Jim in to bring his bobcat and fix the problem, which he did.

Well, I have been worried that maybe he really did not fix it, and for the past 5 months, I’ve been guessing at our usage rather than checking the meter (which is hard to get to) and then sending in the bill.

Today, I decided that before winter sets in, I really, really needed to check the meter and find out our actual usage. I have been having nightmares that we had used some ridiculous amount of water, like 100,000 gallons, and that we would have to sell the farm to pay the bill. Like I said, I’m a worrier.

Thankfully, it’s fine. I have actually overpaid about 2,000 gallons because I was just slightly overestimating our usage.

I really need to be less of a chickenshit about things that worry me and face them head on!

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Birthday Cake for Adults.


Source: Birthday Cake for Adults.

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Oh, a few goat pictures. My favorite subject.

aran with my shadow Stewart willow and ben cinnamon

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Gun deaths down 30% | Washington Examiner

Data from the FBI and Pew Research Center show that all gun violence has declined since the Clinton era, though suicides blamed on guns has ticked up.In a new report, Pew said that between 1993 and 2000, the firearm murder rate dropped by almost half, from seven homicides to 3.8 homicides per 100,000 people. It also said that all gun deaths — murder, suicide, police and accidental — have dropped 30 percent since 1993.

Source: Gun deaths down 30% | Washington Examiner

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Liars lie:Hillary Clinton’s public vs. private Benghazi facts | Sharyl Attkisson

Within hours of the Sept. 11, 2012 terrorist attacks in Benghazi, Clinton emailed her daughter, Chelsea, that Americans had died at the hands of an al-Qaeda like group. Al-Qaeda is the Islamic extremist terrorist group that was led by Osama bin Laden. Clinton also informed Egypt’s prime minister and Libya’s president that the attacks were “preplanned” and “had nothing to do with” an anti-Islamic video posted on YouTube.Yet Clinton told the American public and families of the Benghazi victims that the maker of the video was to blame for sparking protesters who got out of hand in Benghazi and spontaneously launched assaults. In fact, there had been no protests in Benghazi.

Source: Hillary Clinton’s public vs. private Benghazi facts | Sharyl Attkisson

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Why trying to help poor countries might actually hurt them – The Washington Post

I have always wondered about the third world countries we give cash to.  You just know the dictators who run those countries make sure that they pocket as much of it as possible. It makes more sense to me to have other organizations go in and personally assist the people who need the help.  This is how Rotary International has been fighting, pretty successfully, polio.

Deaton, an economist at Princeton University who studied poverty in India and South Africa and spent decades working at the World Bank, won his prize for studying how the poor decide to save or spend money. But his ideas about foreign aid are particularly provocative. Deaton argues that, by trying to help poor people in developing countries, the rich world may actually be corrupting those nations’ governments and slowing their growth. According to Deaton, and the economists who agree with him, much of the $135 billion that the world’s most developed countries spent on official aid in 2014 may not have ended up helping the poor.

Source: Why trying to help poor countries might actually hurt them – The Washington Post

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