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To make DeskTime more accessible to customers all around the world, the practical guide on how to use DeskTime for business is now available in several different languages.

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DeskTime in a nutshell

DeskTime in a nutshell

What is DeskTime?

DeskTime is a desktop and mobile application for employee time tracking and productivity analysis. It allows managers to follow their team's productivity, notice any performance issues early, and take the necessary action to resolve them.

Who is DeskTime for?

For companies of all sizes, all around the globe. DeskTime is currently used by more than 6000 teams, spread across all the continents and time zones. So, no matter how big your team is and where your employees are located, you can use DeskTime to increase their productivity.

What languages does DeskTime support?

DeskTime's default language is English. However, we realize that not everyone in the company speaks the language.To help everyone understand what DeskTime is about – from the management board to every single employee in the company – we've created an informative resource about DeskTime in 10 different languages.Find your language of choice in the list below and click on it to read more!

Frequently asked questions

Yes, DeskTime is fully available in Spanish, too. Adding additional languages to DeskTime is not in our pipeline at the moment. Nevertheless, that can always change. For further updates, please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

No, they don't. DeskTime is fully automatic, meaning – once installed on the computer, it works without any input from the employee. Even though some knowledge of English helps if the employee wants to follow and analyze their own productivity data, fluent knowledge of the language is not necessary.

Currently, DeskTime support is available in English, Spanish, and Latvian.

To start using DeskTime, the first step is signing up – it only takes a minute. To start tracking your time, download and install the DeskTime's desktop app on your computer. When that's done, time tracking will start and stop automatically as you turn on/off your computer. Finally, from your dashboard, send invitations to your team members to join DeskTime. Your employees will receive an email with all the instructions (in English) on how to activate time tracking on their computers.