Kansas does have beautiful skies

Good morning. This is what it looks like here at Castle Argghhh Farm. It’s going to be a great day, I can tell.


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Democrats Defend Political Persecutions in Texas | National Review Online

The Democrats are not our friends.

Harry Reid—and every Democrat in the Senate—voted to repeal the First Amendment to render the Supreme Court powerless to protect Americans from this sort of abuse. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. wants to put Americans in prison for disagreeing with him about global warming—and many so-called progressives agree with him. Under the Obama administration, we have seen a weaponized IRS targeting conservative groups for persecution and a weaponized FBI leaning on conservative activists, followed up by a weaponized ATF.

via Democrats Defend Political Persecutions in Texas | National Review Online.

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It’s always something

I went out to let the goats out for their afternoon of grazing wherever they want, and poor little Angel (Willow’s twin brother), burst out of the barn with a bloody horn.  I have no clue how he managed to break it, but here it is, in all its bloody gory.
wounded goat

John held him while I have him a tetanus shot (he’s only had one CDT) and applied bloodstop and UltraBoss to keep flies away.

I must admit he is not a tame little buckling at all.  I had to actually force his mouth open to give him a peanut because he would not take it from me.  He promptly spit it out and then picked it up off the floor and gobbled it down.

I have to go figure out what he got caught in, and it’s time to distribute the fly predators, also.

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Kirsten Powers: Christians thrown overboard left to drown by Obama

Kirsten Powers is a liberal Democrat.  She is also a Christian and one of the very few Democrats in our country to speak out against Christian persecution in the Middle East and elsewhere.

Here is an excerpt, but do go read the entire article.

Obama was mute on the killings. He failed to interject any sense of outrage or even tepid concern for the targeting of Christians for their faith. If a Christian mob on a ship bound for Italy threw 12 Muslims to their death for praying to Allah, does anyone think the president would have been so disinterested? When three North Carolina Muslims were gunned down by a virulent atheist, Obama rightly spoke out against the horrifying killings. But he just can’t seem to find any passion for the mass persecution of Middle Eastern Christians or the eradication of Christianity from its birthplace.

via Kirsten Powers: Christians thrown overboard left to drown by Obama.

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The CEO pay ratio isn’t as big as you’ve been told | RedState

Every time Hillary opens her mouth about “inequality”, a demon gets his horns.

Ms. Clinton famously earned $200,000 to $300,000 per speaking engagement before she declared her campaign for the Presidency. That means in one event, she earned more than the average CEO did in 2013. One wonders what she thinks about that pay ratio?

via The CEO pay ratio isn’t as big as you’ve been told | RedState.

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U.S. cracks down on female teachers who sexually abuse students | Reuters

How many public school employees are sexually abusing children in the schools? 800 in one year!
It’s about time this kind of abuse by both female and male teachers is addressed. But I don’t hear any politician even mentioning this.

In U.S. schools last year, almost 800 school employees were prosecuted for sexual assault, nearly a third of them women. The proportion of women facing charges seems to be higher than in years past, when female teachers often got a pass, said Terry Abbott, a former chief of staff at the U.S. Department of Education, who tracked the cases.

This year’s numbers are already slightly ahead of last year with 26 cases of female school employees accused of inappropriate relationships with male students in January compared to 19 cases the previous January.

via U.S. cracks down on female teachers who sexually abuse students | Reuters.

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Candle Pouring

Back in college, I used to make sandcast candles and then macrame holders for them – they could be hung from the ceiling.  A lot of guys in the dorm bought them from me. I was a little bit of a flower child, I guess, at least my crafty things made people think that way.

I started playing with making candles again a few years back.  I made a few sandcast candles, but everyone thought they were just weird, so I’m not really making those now, though I would if someone wanted one.

I have been finding vintage containers – teacups, wine goblets, odd containers, and then making them into candles.  I enjoy playing with the scents and colors.

I’ll be bringing them to the Atchison, Kansas Open Air Fair this coming Saturday.  Here is a sneak preview of those I made yesterday.

Half are cinnamon scented, the others are vanilla.

Half are cinnamon scented, the others are vanilla.

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Sorry about that, I’ve been busy

Between taxes, shearing goats, weird weather that is making me ache all over and trying to get something productive done, I’ve not been posting anything.

Bad me.

Anyway, I got a great photo tonight.  How many goats can you find?

How many goats can you find hiding in the woods?

How many goats can you find hiding in the woods?

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Still shearing

I definitely have too many goats right now. At least, I am getting caught up on shearing and checking them completely out.

Today, I sheared BeeBee and Joey. Both of them were just awful on the shearing stand, stamping their feet, bucking, trying to get out of the stand, etc. I don’t know if it is the weather or what, but it is exhausting when the goats to be sheared are being especially troublesome.

BeeBee was so awful that when I tried to give her treats everytime she was still, she would spit the treat back out at me.  That’s a pissed of goat! I was happy with her condition, though, she is not thin or fat, she’s just right.  Except for her attitude.

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Shearing more goats today

Hopefully, I’ll get Morgan and Serafina sheared.  I’m aiming to get all the girls done as fast as possible in case I’ve missed other pregnancies!  I’m sure Morgan is pregnant, this is her time of year for kidding, and she typically has twins.

Washing of mohair is also continuing.  I did wash some last weekend before picking through the vm, and I was pleased to find that in this particular case, it’s easier to get the vegetative matter out after it has been washed and dried.  Yay!

Have a great Saturday.  The weather here is gorgeous.

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